Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Art Room!

Oooh, I thought I'd share some images of my new art room (come boyfriend's study!) It's all very arty and inspiring and I'm loving it so far :) I've been painting up the beautiful cabinet for a few days! It was rather dark and dingy but now it's fresh!

My fairytale pieces up on the wall! I think they look rather good all framed and together :)

Some of my own work on the top shelf! (ooh and a Kandinsky piece! Love him) I love how light the cabinet is :) (along with gorgeous black handles - I think it works rather well!!)

My boyfriend loves Japan, so I have these beautiful pieces! (I knew he'd like them, so wouldn't mind them being in the room, but also they're very inspiring to me :))

Some pieces Mat (boyfriend) bought in an auction :) by the very talented Matt Hemsworth!

The whole thing :) love it!

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