Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Illustration & photos

Hello! I hope you enjoyed my post on Lionheart Magazine. I have another post about someone (and something) very inspiring to come in the next few days! Hopefully you'll enjoy that too!

To start with, here is a working stage of one of the illustrations in Lionheart. (Fashion illustration showing a dress by Prophetik) I'm so happy with how this one turned out and love it in this stage too!

Christmas has really began in the chocolate shop this week. The mad rush is a little overwhelming (it makes working in a cafe last year seem a doddle!) but it's also becomming an even prettier, exciting and tasty place to work than usual!

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Lionheart Magazine

Hels Martin often features in my blog posts - she is a fascinating, enthusiastic writer whose words are so romantic and exciting. I love it when she asks me to illustrate alongside them. (Keep your eyes peeled in the future, we have discussed working together on a little project that will be magical, I'm sure).

Earlier this year, when visiting Fritha in Bristol, we went along to a focus group with Hels, discussing our likes and dislikes in the magazines available to us right now. She had research, notebooks, pictures and magazines with her, all ready to get her very own magazine underway. We talked about magazines we loved, subjects we didn't want and what we really desired from a magazine; creativity, stunning illustrations, beautiful photography, inspiring interviews, stories, lifestyle, traveling, real people, craft and style. We knew what we wanted and we knew Hels was the one to produce this perfect magazine. She talked so passionately about it, this magazine was clearly her dream and now, just months on, she has done it! She has finished the first issue and it will be launched next month! (It is now officially with the printers!)

I knew she was determined but I never dreamed she would get there so quickly. She is so dedicated, strong and inspiring. So so inspiring. Watching her achieve this at all, let alone so quickly, has made me more sure than ever that I will follow my dreams, I will illustrate for a career. And I will love doing it! I'm really excited about the future too, so much is possible! Thank you Hels for showing me this, thank you for how supportive of me you are and thank you for the faith you have always shown in me. I am honoured to have a few illustrations in her magazine and I'm sure we will continue to work together for many years!

I have only met Hels once but through twitter, emails and all those features we've worked on together, I feel like I know her. And I'm proud! Very proud of her! Some of her own words about the magazine:

"This is my dream. This here is a blog, dedicated to this dream.
At a time when print is out, the media is going through a transition and we’re all assessing 
our bank balances, it’s on, the dream. It’s on. I may never have a mortgage, but I’m darn well making this magazine."

Helen is having a launch party for the magazine in a few weeks (I really hope I can make it!). She will have homemade pizza, crafts, prints to buy (including some of mine!), demonstrations and much more. Perfect! If you know Helen, I'm sure you'll be just as proud, if not, find her at the following places:

 I will share updates/photos/sneak peeks as they come! I'm looking forward to sharing the illustrations I have done for the magazine once it is launched! I'm happy with the work I've produced and cannot wait to see them in print!

Friday, 25 November 2011

Books, llustration, books..

 Hello! I want to share a couple of things. This post is quite image heavy but I hope you'll like it!

Firstly, I've been looking through my old work again and wanted to share a few pieces. The ceramic piece (I have many more at my mum's house) is from my foundation year before starting university. I specialised in ceramics but still used illustration throughout. It was this that made me realise I loved illustration - a love that hasn't faded! The other illustrations are from my first year at University. They're very experimental and I doubt I'd work in this way again, but I like the freedom and use of found and used elements. I think this way of working does still apply to me now. I like to use texture, scanned elements and when I can, I love sewing and using buttons!

I've been gathering my first Christmas presents this week and I really love wrapping them. I've already started that, too...

I found this book in a shop a couple of weeks ago and it is just beautiful. I really want a copy! Love the amount of illustration in there! I'm sure many of you will love it too!

Finally, I know many of you have been watching Frozen Planet over the last few weeks. It's such a beautiful program and today I bought the book to give to somebody for Christmas (don't worry, the person it's for probably doesn't know the internet exists!) I love the photos, I could look at it all night. Definitely worth buying.

How beautiful?!

Have a lovely evening & weekend everybody! We'll be buying more presents and doing some relaxing/plenty of eating!

Monday, 21 November 2011

Inspiring books

I love charity shops. Whenever I'm in one, I always keep my eyes open for beautiful old books. I love aged pages, stunning exteriors and faded colours. I love the little messages you find inside some of these books too! I always think that I'll use them for illustrations, but I'd hate to ruin them. I'll definitely be scanning some of the pages and covers to use very soon...

Thursday, 17 November 2011


I just found these patterns I produced in a project back in my second year of university. I hated them at the time, but I quite like them now. I love stumbling across old work, it's very interesting!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lots to see!

I'm feeling very happy and smiley tonight. I love the little things that seem like nothing to those looking in but have memories and mean the world to you...

At work we use Not On The Highstreet to sell our chocolate. Somehow I hadn't heard about it until I started work. It's amazing, like etsy, but more. So much more. Definitely have an explore, but be warned, you'll want to spend! (Although with Christmas coming up, it's a great time to!) I recently bought a lovely handmade Barkcloth Button Brooch from Folly & Glee. The upcycled wool and cashmere brooch looks and feel beautiful, is lovingly made and is such great value! (I'll take a photo of the one I received in the light tomorrow).

And finally, a little work in progress from an illustration I'm working on. Have a nice evening everybody!