Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Lots to see!

I'm feeling very happy and smiley tonight. I love the little things that seem like nothing to those looking in but have memories and mean the world to you...

At work we use Not On The Highstreet to sell our chocolate. Somehow I hadn't heard about it until I started work. It's amazing, like etsy, but more. So much more. Definitely have an explore, but be warned, you'll want to spend! (Although with Christmas coming up, it's a great time to!) I recently bought a lovely handmade Barkcloth Button Brooch from Folly & Glee. The upcycled wool and cashmere brooch looks and feel beautiful, is lovingly made and is such great value! (I'll take a photo of the one I received in the light tomorrow).

And finally, a little work in progress from an illustration I'm working on. Have a nice evening everybody!

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