Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dog illustration...

I was lucky enough to be commissioned by the very lovely Hannah Greenwood recently (@Hannahpianna on twitter. If you haven't seen her work, go and take a look now, it's stunning - lots of beautiful paper cuts and designs).

After seeing some of my (newly ventured into) pet portraits on twitter, she asked me to illustrate her dog, Mr Socks. He's beautiful and I was so excited to take on my first pet commission. I love that people have such faith in my abilities! (Thank you!!) Anyway, I'm so happy with the way he turned out and she loved it too.

All nicely printed up and framed. (I send all my prints in beautiful board backed frame mounts. The framed picture at the bottom was for display/photograph purposes only). I really loved how it printed. I'm even using this guy for advertising purposes. What do you think of the advert below. The 'woof' was a bit of a joke, but I've been told it adds charm, fun and accessibility... Do you agree?

Now to get back to some new limited edition prints I am working on and start work on a lovely  Father's Day illustration commission!

Abby x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Promo Flyers!

 So my promotional flyers and business cards arrived today! I always find opening the box such an excitable and scary moment... What if I made a spelling mistake? What if they're too dark? (If I was doing my English GCSE's I'd be getting a few marks for rhetorical questions right there.. )

Well thankfully there are no issues! None at all. I'm really happy with how they have come out. They feel beautiful and look just as I imagined they would :)

Such a giant and beautiful pile of postcard sized flyers! Now it's time to send them around and put them in arty/independent shops for customers to take (that's part of the plan anyway...) If you can think of any suitably brilliant places, please do let me know! Or, of course, if you know anybody who may be interested in commissioning a piece I can send you a couple in the post or have them email me at: abbywrightillustration@hotmail.com

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy this gorgeous weather :)

Tuesday, 22 May 2012


 Just a little post to let you know what I'm getting up to! As I said in my last post, I've been working on promotional material this week. I'm researching places to send my postcards, hopefully I'll be visiting some fabulous places in the process... I'm also looking into advertising and ways of getting my work further afield! 

In a few weeks time I'll be launching an online shop, so I've also been taking photographs and creating those little detailed extras!

I'll be back with updates soon, but in the meantime, enjoy these photos I took today :)

Friday, 18 May 2012

Promotional Work

Just popping in with a quick post!

Yesterday I was working on some promotional postcards, so thought I would come and share them with you! I'm planning to get a large bulk of these printed in an A6 format to hopefully spread the word of my personalised commissions. Let me know what you think! :)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tea & Crayons at UNCONTAINED

"In June and July, ShellsuitZombie is taking over the 55DSL store in BOXPARK, Shoreditch, and asking thirty creative individuals, groups and companies to take a day each."

 Come and join us ladies of Tea and Crayons on Tuesday 5th June (It also happens to be the Jubilee day!!) at Uncontained. We're very excited!
We'll be hosting a wonderful tea party, exhibiting and selling our work, live-drawing a Massive Monarchy Mural on the walls, casual advice session and lots of general fun! There will be biscuits, tea and us smiling ladies to make you feel welcome. So do pop along and see us if you are in the capital that day! If you cannot make it down to see us, keep an eye on our twitter feed, I'm sure we'll be tweeting and sharing photos throughout the day! :)
We'll keep you updated with any further details on the blog and twitter. In the meantime we're going to be very busy bees! Hopefully we'll see you there!

Thursday, 10 May 2012

A goodbye & thank you gift...

Well yesterday was my last day working at Gorvett and Stone, the best chocolate shop you can imagine. It's been an absolute pleasure to work there and I will miss everybody (not forgetting, of course, the chocolate) there. I wanted to give them a parting gift as a thank you for making my time there so wonderful, and thought something unique and personal was the best idea. I illustrated some of their chocolates, as well as one of their many vintage teapots, even incorporating their chocolate mouse and exploding chocolate frog into the picture. They seemed to really love it and it's one of my favourite things about a talent like this, creating unique gifts for people I love :)

Although I am sad to be leaving (chocolate adviser was my favourite job title to date), this makes way for more time to spend on my illustrations and start on a new adventure.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Animal Updates...

I decided it was about time I returned to show you how that cat illustration turned out! I wanted it to be worked in the same way my fashion/people illustrations are; bringing in areas of colour and using a little shading and much line work.

I always love seeing my work printed and framed. I actually prefer the way it looks printed to on the screen (hard to show on the internet really!)

I've also started on a few others... I'll leave you with some little tasters! (You'll also see I've started a dog illustration too! Trickier than cats, I tell you!)

 Enjoy and I will be back soon!!