Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Dog illustration...

I was lucky enough to be commissioned by the very lovely Hannah Greenwood recently (@Hannahpianna on twitter. If you haven't seen her work, go and take a look now, it's stunning - lots of beautiful paper cuts and designs).

After seeing some of my (newly ventured into) pet portraits on twitter, she asked me to illustrate her dog, Mr Socks. He's beautiful and I was so excited to take on my first pet commission. I love that people have such faith in my abilities! (Thank you!!) Anyway, I'm so happy with the way he turned out and she loved it too.

All nicely printed up and framed. (I send all my prints in beautiful board backed frame mounts. The framed picture at the bottom was for display/photograph purposes only). I really loved how it printed. I'm even using this guy for advertising purposes. What do you think of the advert below. The 'woof' was a bit of a joke, but I've been told it adds charm, fun and accessibility... Do you agree?

Now to get back to some new limited edition prints I am working on and start work on a lovely  Father's Day illustration commission!

Abby x


  1. That is so adorable! You are wonderfully talented!

    I think the woof is really cute. It's a funny little touch.



  2. Thank you so much! :)

    That's great to hear! xx

  3. this dog is amazingly cute. woof woof :D


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