Thursday, 10 May 2012

A goodbye & thank you gift...

Well yesterday was my last day working at Gorvett and Stone, the best chocolate shop you can imagine. It's been an absolute pleasure to work there and I will miss everybody (not forgetting, of course, the chocolate) there. I wanted to give them a parting gift as a thank you for making my time there so wonderful, and thought something unique and personal was the best idea. I illustrated some of their chocolates, as well as one of their many vintage teapots, even incorporating their chocolate mouse and exploding chocolate frog into the picture. They seemed to really love it and it's one of my favourite things about a talent like this, creating unique gifts for people I love :)

Although I am sad to be leaving (chocolate adviser was my favourite job title to date), this makes way for more time to spend on my illustrations and start on a new adventure.


  1. Oh that's a gorgeous illustration, I bet they were thrilled! I wouldn't mind working in a chocolate shop...I did work in a sweet shop for a while and it was so much fun!

  2. Thank you both :) it was amazing, very fun!

  3. What an amazing gift! Gorgeous - good luck with going full time illustration! Exciting times!xx


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