Saturday, 28 August 2010

Eugene Lin Illustration!

I've just done this piece for Amelia's Magazine. It's to accompany an interview with up and coming designer Eugene Lin, his work is lovely and I sent him an emial to which he responded - a very nice man indeed! This doesn't have to be in until Tuesday but as i'm going to TOKYO tomorrow, i've finished it nice and early! :)

The interview is now live and you can see it here, along with some other fabulous illustrations! :)

Hope you like it! Anyway, this is my last post for two weeks or so! As I said earlier, I'm going to Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto) tomorrow and I am just so excited!

Take care everyone!! x

Friday, 27 August 2010

Early Bird!

Just a little drawing I did to get the creativeness flowing! :) might go back and colour it soon! :)

Police Colouring Competitions!

I've been doing some illustration work for Humberside Police! These are children's colouring competition pieces (due to be released soon!) The aim is to make children aware about vehicle safety! I'm proud of the work I have done, and happy to be doing something worthwhile! :) hope you like them too!

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Boots! (Again!!)

I decided the biker boot should really be boots, so here is the pair! I'm pretty happy with the final result! :)
I should hopefully have more stuff to show soon! I've been at work all week (the extra money seemed so appealing, at the time!) so am really behind with everything! Rather disappointed but i'm hoping to gets lots done the rest of this weekend! I'm planning on finishing my first building drawing and doing some other colourful ones (from Italy) too! :) Stay tuned..

Friday, 20 August 2010

Snow boots!

I've been working on some awesome shaggy snow boot images! I may still do some work on them, but i'm rather happy so far!

Thursday, 19 August 2010



Well, i've taken people's opinions and suggestions into consideration and made some adaptions! I think this may be the final image! Not definitely though, I may still tweak it later knowing me!
Thank you for opinions everyone! :)

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Biker Boot

Hello! I'm looking for you opinions with this one! I can't quite decide which direction works best with this image and would LOVE your opinion! :) so please tell me which one you think works best/ you most like!

Biker Boot One

Biker Boot Two

Biker Boot Three

Biker Boot Four

Biker Boot Five

Biker Boot Six

Biker Boot Seven

Hope you like them! Please let me know!

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Absurd Narrative


I don't have anything new to post just yet, I have a quite a bit to be getting on with, so i'll be busy but hopefully have lots to show soon! :)

I'm working on some illustrations for Celldoor Online Magazine. Lots of fashion illustration pieces, which have been fun researching! :)

And i've had some very exciting news from Amelia Gregory at Amelia's Magazine. I'm not sure it's right to say too much yet but i'll be doing work on some stuff for her over the next few weeks too, so busy busy!

In the meantime, I thought i'd share some pages from a University brief called Absurd Narrative. Basically, we were given the first and last line of a story and had to fill the rest in ourselves! I was rather impressed with the story I came up with. It wasn't the kind of work I do often, but I do love working with textures and layers! I also chose to use just three background colours (and mono-printed these), black, cream/grey and burnt orange. I was a rather depressing story so this worked and I liked the flow this created throughout the book! :) Anyway I hope you enjoy! :)

Monday, 2 August 2010

Venice and buildings!

 Okay, so i'm going away tomorrow, to Venice!! I'm so excited and can't wait to take lots of pictures to get me inspired to draw!! :) I'm taking my drawing tools with me so hopefully i'll have lots to show when i'm back :) and photos!

I've just started a building drawing, just to show I can do other things :) and because I had a sudden urge to do so! Here's a little sneak preview!

I'm really enjoying it so far and i'm looking forward to showing the finished thing! I'll post it when i'm back! :) 

Have a nice two weeks, i'm sure I will!
P.S I made panna cotta again the other day and it was perfect! 

Abby :)