Saturday, 21 August 2010

Boots! (Again!!)

I decided the biker boot should really be boots, so here is the pair! I'm pretty happy with the final result! :)
I should hopefully have more stuff to show soon! I've been at work all week (the extra money seemed so appealing, at the time!) so am really behind with everything! Rather disappointed but i'm hoping to gets lots done the rest of this weekend! I'm planning on finishing my first building drawing and doing some other colourful ones (from Italy) too! :) Stay tuned..


  1. bitchin! Now THAT's how to use textures in drawings. Not many people can pull it off!

  2. Ahh thank you so much! I'm glad you think so :D

  3. This final piece looks wonderful! That little shadow under the boots just adds the finishing touch. Awesome work!


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