Thursday, 23 June 2011


Firstly, I want to say a massive thank you to all my followers. You mean a lot and I now have 200 on my blog! That's amazing and I feel so proud :)

My boyfriend, Mat, has just been offered a job in Maidenhead so we shall be moving in two or three weeks! It's exciting bt crazy so I may not be posting here for a while. It'll be great to be so close to London though! Tomorrow I am going camping for a few days then on Thursday I'm heading to D&AD's New Blood - I'm really excited to meet people and promote myself!

So basically, I may not be able to post for a while! But I wanted to show you my updated website - I'm really happy to have i up and running, it still needs a few tweaks but for now, I'm happy!

I'll post again soon - maybe with my degree results! Scary!! :)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Degree Show: Framed Prints

So it's a mixture of sadness and excitement at the moment. I'm sad to be leaving university - more because I will no longer be able to stroll into the studio and see my friends whenever I fancy. And no more shared space to (hopefully) get some wok done and advise one another. I feel lucky to have the Tea & Crayons girls to talk to and get this advice from still. It's so exciting to be free from any restrictions and to begin to establish myself as an illustrator further. I'm really excited to be attending the D&AD New Blood at the end of this month too. I will be there on the private view night to promote myself and my course mates to my best ability!

To raise a bit of money for getting to/staying in London for New Blood I'm going to sell my degree show framed prints! They're all signed and framed in good quality white frames. I'm selling them for £20 each (bargain!) but if you would like more than one I can do you a deal :) (also - if you would like a print without a frame do not hesitate to ask! I can make that happen!) Just leave a comment here or email me if you'd like to buy anything! :)

Sorry the images are not the best quality - click on the images to see the original illustration.

I've also just set up a new site for my work. I love that it is clean and very image based. The simplicity allows my work to the talking (I hope!).

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Degree Show!

On Friday my illustration degree show opening night finally arrived. With so much build up in preparation I was worried the night wouldn't live up to my expectations, but it definitely did! I had a fantastic evening - talking with old school teachers, meeting interested viewers, seeing our tutors proudness and enjoying the celebrations with my 13 coursemates who have become great friends. I can't believe it has come to an end. I'm excited and nervous for the future, it's going to be an interesting ride! Enjoy the photographs from the evening! :)

My display along with the beautiful dress by Bella Flo, who kindly allowed me to illustrate and display it. I was really happy with the way it looked alongside my work.

We each picked another member of the group to draw at random. It was a great way to show our work together and a lovely welcome! 



The two above images show the incredible workings of Coren Macniven (these photographs are also her handiwork!) 

The beautiful display by Rosie Wheeldon

Etta Hawksworth's stunning display.

More fantastic illustrations - this time by the wonderful Florence Ravelle. 

 Beautiful display by Elizabeth Fortnum.