Saturday, 28 August 2010

Eugene Lin Illustration!

I've just done this piece for Amelia's Magazine. It's to accompany an interview with up and coming designer Eugene Lin, his work is lovely and I sent him an emial to which he responded - a very nice man indeed! This doesn't have to be in until Tuesday but as i'm going to TOKYO tomorrow, i've finished it nice and early! :)

The interview is now live and you can see it here, along with some other fabulous illustrations! :)

Hope you like it! Anyway, this is my last post for two weeks or so! As I said earlier, I'm going to Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto) tomorrow and I am just so excited!

Take care everyone!! x


  1. This is gorgeous! Also, have fun in Tokyo! Take lots of photos, I want to see the cool places you go! xxx

  2. Love your entire blog. Do not stop.
    X David, NYC

  3. Thank you David, that means a lot, your work is fantastic! And don't worry, I will not stop! :) x


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