Sunday, 12 September 2010

Tokyo and Kyoto!

Hello! I'm back from my wonderful holiday and wanted to share a few of the hundreds (800 to be exact) of photos we took! It was such an amazing place and the weather was un
believable! (35 degrees most days! A little too hot in fact.)

The skyscrapers in Tokyo were amazing, the temples and shrines in Kyoto breath-taking and the people the nicest i've come across! All in all it was fantastic! I'm looking forward to doing some Japan inspired drawings!

I've got a long list of things to get on with now, lots of illustrations, as well as going for my first volunteer day with the police - doing illustrations to go in leaflets I think! :) aaand i've just ordered a Wacom Intuos4! My little bamboo has been amazing but it's time for bigger and better!

This was near our hotel, in Shinjuku. We ate here quite a few mornings. It was one of the first building we saw and straight away I was in awe with Japan. 

This was just outside of the Imperial Palace and the rest didn't disappoint either!

A wedding we happened to stumble upon.. it was rather spectacular!! What an amazing place to get married!

And as amazing as Tokyo was, nothing quite prepared me for Kyoto! It was so beautiful and peaceful, and somehow the people were even nicer!

And this is the worlds most lovely man!! :)

Here and some more fabulous building and views! :) I want to put more up but this gives you some idea of how amazing it was!

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