Friday, 24 September 2010

Perfect Purchases

This week I decided it was time to treat myself to some lovely prints! I already have some from Kayleigh Bluck after winning a giveaway!!

Firstly I bought a print from the lovely Fritha Strickland, I've loved her work since the first time I saw it! Her drawings have a simplistic style which I love and they never fail to make me smile!! As well as the print, she sent some lovely goodies as a thank you! :) aww!

Here's the print I bought, just as beautiful as i'd hoped for! :)

Beautiful handmade card, transfer tattoo, badge and magnet! Absolutely perfect package, thank you!! :)

And I now have the most perfect fridge with magnet from Fritha and the wonderful Kayleigh

So, my second purchase this week was from the lovely Danielle Complin. Again, I adore her lovely little designs that always make me smile! They're just so cute! I bought a set of three birds and was very happy when they arrived this morning! :)


I have a few new illustrations to share later on! :)

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