Friday, 17 September 2010

Something New!

Well the last few days i've been working on some food illustrations for Amelia. It's to accompany a blog on her travels to Denmark, and i'm sure she'll talk about her decision to take a ferry across rather than a  plane! I haven't done any food illustration before but i'm very pleased and I'm looking forward to sharing the picture soon..

Make sure you keep checking Amelia's Magazine this week as they'll be doing some fabulous articles on London Fashion Week that starts today!! Exciting! I've offered my services (and also agreed to as a condition to be in Amelia's new fashion illustration book) this week, so i'll be answering some call outs and doing some illustrations of London Fashion Week!!

As well as this, I have two projects for the police - one is some illustrations to go in a leaflet about door and window security and the other is a spot the difference worksheet for children. Very excited about these and the deadlines are quite tight so I know it'll be a crazy few weeks..

Finally, I'm doing something a little different and somewhat riskey! It involves nudity but i'm strangely really looking forward to it. I've started it today and so far I'm happy! I'm back to Uni on the 27th so it's going to be hectic until then, especially since I haven't looked at my dissertation for some time! I know what i'm doing at least..

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