Friday, 25 May 2012

Promo Flyers!

 So my promotional flyers and business cards arrived today! I always find opening the box such an excitable and scary moment... What if I made a spelling mistake? What if they're too dark? (If I was doing my English GCSE's I'd be getting a few marks for rhetorical questions right there.. )

Well thankfully there are no issues! None at all. I'm really happy with how they have come out. They feel beautiful and look just as I imagined they would :)

Such a giant and beautiful pile of postcard sized flyers! Now it's time to send them around and put them in arty/independent shops for customers to take (that's part of the plan anyway...) If you can think of any suitably brilliant places, please do let me know! Or, of course, if you know anybody who may be interested in commissioning a piece I can send you a couple in the post or have them email me at:

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy this gorgeous weather :)


  1. They are gorgeous! Well done you!


  2. They look great Abby!

    Emily x

  3. I'm opening a shop in Huddersfield soon if you wanted to send me some?
    They are beautiful as always

  4. Oh are you? That's very exciting :) would love to send you some, send me an email when you can! x


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