Friday, 25 November 2011

Books, llustration, books..

 Hello! I want to share a couple of things. This post is quite image heavy but I hope you'll like it!

Firstly, I've been looking through my old work again and wanted to share a few pieces. The ceramic piece (I have many more at my mum's house) is from my foundation year before starting university. I specialised in ceramics but still used illustration throughout. It was this that made me realise I loved illustration - a love that hasn't faded! The other illustrations are from my first year at University. They're very experimental and I doubt I'd work in this way again, but I like the freedom and use of found and used elements. I think this way of working does still apply to me now. I like to use texture, scanned elements and when I can, I love sewing and using buttons!

I've been gathering my first Christmas presents this week and I really love wrapping them. I've already started that, too...

I found this book in a shop a couple of weeks ago and it is just beautiful. I really want a copy! Love the amount of illustration in there! I'm sure many of you will love it too!

Finally, I know many of you have been watching Frozen Planet over the last few weeks. It's such a beautiful program and today I bought the book to give to somebody for Christmas (don't worry, the person it's for probably doesn't know the internet exists!) I love the photos, I could look at it all night. Definitely worth buying.

How beautiful?!

Have a lovely evening & weekend everybody! We'll be buying more presents and doing some relaxing/plenty of eating!

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