Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Amelia's Fashion Open Design Brief

I thought i'd share the work I created for Amelia's Magazine Fashion Brief!

The image above is an illustration of me! This was part of the competition - an illustration of yourself which would accompany your work if you were chosen to be in the book! I like the drawing but perhaps I should have worked more colour into it? Hmm maybe i'll revisit this sometime :)

I have been really inspired by fashion illustration recently (I plan to write my dissertation on it!), so when I saw this competition I couldn't resist giving it a go myself!

I chose to illustrate designer Ada Zanditon, mainly because of the bold bright designs she creates! The colours really drew me to them.

The final one is my favourite I think! I love working with a combination of line drawing, thick shading, bright colours and scanned images or collage!

In these images I coloured the sections I felt should stand out - the clothes and also the luscious, bright colour of their lips!

I really enjoyed this - was very fun to do! :)

Abby :)


  1. These (especially that last one) are fantastic!! Can really imagine them in context...

  2. Thank you!! I'm glad you like them!

  3. Yay you started your blog! Brilliant work, I look forward to seeing more of it :)


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