Tuesday, 27 July 2010

The Delays!

New piece for Amelia's Magazine! It's of the band The Delays. I'm really not sure if i like it! It was a very quick piece, and my laptop was on the verge of breaking, so all things considered it's not too bad! :) besides, practice makes perfect!

The illustration is for the Friday night review of the Secret Garden Festival, and you can find the full article here! :)

I quite like that i'm having to work to strict deadlines, I think it'll be helpful in terms of uni next year - time keeping has never been my strong point!! But forcing myself to just do it, and not to let people down can only be helpful! :)

I really do love working for Amelia!

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  1. Ooh cool I love Delays =) Have done a couple of paintings of Greg in the past. Heylo to a fellow illustration student anyhoo! x


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