Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Amelia's Magazine Illustration

Here is the fashion illustration piece! I keep looking at it, which is usually a sign I don't feel quite right about it :/

Saying this, I don't know what i'd alter so maybe i'm just being daft! I like the stance of the model - I think the angle works well!

It was just another quick piece - i'm loving getting lots of work done quickly! :)

EDIT: i've just done a quick alteration! I've removed what looked like a raised eyebrow and I think it looks a lot softer! :)

You can see this live here in Amelia's review of the Chelsea College of Art and Design's catwalk fashion show! Really beautiful clothing - I loved illustrating it!


  1. This is fab - nothing needs changing if you ask me!

  2. I saw this on the amelias magazine website and thought it was wonderful :)


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