Thursday, 8 December 2011

Shipshape Studio

I told you I would be blogging about another wonderful and inspiring young lady, well here we are! I have been a fan of Emily and her works for some time now, in fact I blogged about Emily and her beautiful crafts earlier this year. Not only is she designer and writer, but she, along with her partner, Adam, has just launched a new creative venue and boutique in Greater London. I'm so happy for her; it's been a dream of hers for years and she's done it! I love that she wants to encourage people to try new things, not to be afraid to experiment and give them an outlet to learn new skills. Shipshape Studio looks and sounds like an amazing place!

"Shipshape Studio is an engaging and friendly space where new skills can be learnt
and ideas swapped. With the skills that you learn at Shipshape Studio you can carry on 
making the things you love at home. We host art, craft and creative workshops,
as well as events and parties with a difference."

Shipshape will be selling handmade and vintage homeware, stationery, clothing, craft supplies, books and magazines (including the lovely Lionheart) and art. In fact, they asked if they could stock my prints, I jumped at the chance, of course and you can now find my framed prints in their shop. Wonderful!

There will be plenty of craft and design type classes - including classes in illustration, printing, jewellery design, sewing & embroidery, paper craft and knitting. Sounds perfect! You can find out more about these classes here, follow them on twitter and read their wonderful blog. It's such a massive achievement and they've clearly worked their socks off - cleaning, building, sanding, painting, staining and much more. I couldn't feel more proud, impressed and inspired by the hard work and dedication that has gone into achieving the dream. Well done Emily, enjoy it! (Below are some photographs taken from inside by Emily - it looks stunning, I can't wait to see it for myself! I love the colours, reclaimed and second hand fittings, handmade decorations, ahhh...)

I'd also like to say a big thank you to Emily for always being so supportive and encouraging towards me, it means a lot!

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