Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Prints: Lionheart Magazine

As I said in this recent post, Lionheart Magazine is launching this Sunday! I'm so happy Hels asked me to sell some of my prints at the launch. Everything about the magazine looks just beautiful so to be involved feels so wonderful. 

I wanted my prints to look their best so did lots of research into mounts and cellophane packaging. I find that a lot of mounts you can buy in shops seem flimsy and poor quality. They're never as thick as I would like, very expensive and have no backing. I found an online picture framing specialist (based in Bedford) that seemed perfect. The Picture Gallery do made to measure mounts from as little as 70p (when you but 10 or more) and offer you board backs for as little as 40p! I was a little worried to go ahead as it was the first time ordering and I know nobody who has used them. They arrived in great timing (3 days after I gave them my measurements) and were very carefully packaged. They are amazing! Thick, quality, clean - everything I had been searching for! I would completely recommend them, I couldn't be happier! (The print feels so hefty and I think it adds a certain distinction).  I have the same feelings towards cellophane print bags. They can be so poor in quality. Luckily I found another online shop; Eden Wrap. Again the quality is fantastic, the delivery fast and the price very reasonable!

I hope this may come in useful to you now or someday. I do think the quality of the packaging reflects on the work and, of course, first impressions count! 

Hels is (not so patiently) waiting for her printing to be complete this Friday, reading to sell and send out. I cannot wait to see! Here are some sneak peeks she took on her printing visit to see the process happening!



  1. Thanks for sharing Abby, really handy! Hope the you have fun at the launch and sell loooooads of prints :) Antonia x

  2. Your print's look lovely!!! Those links will come in useful to!

  3. Hi, where did you get your prints done? I have an awful printer and am really stuck on where to get them done, do you think a photo shop would be okay? My illustrations are mainly pencil, so scanners sometimes can't pick up the detail enough. I am thinking of photographing them instead. do you have any advice? I'd really appreciate it :)

  4. Hi!

    I print my work from home, but a photo or printing shop is a good place to go. Just pop in and ask them, they'll probably be really helpful :) if you're going to photo them, make sure you get good lighting, that's the most important part!


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