Thursday, 1 December 2011


Something I have discovered (through learning and personal experience) is that a good portfolio can be so important for an illustrator. And it makes sense, how can we expect someone to hire us/ represent us/ want to work with us if we don't make our work look it's very best! There are so many ways of displaying work, of course, but I've always found my illustrations look their best in a clean and crisp setting. I found it so bizarre going from my foundation course where they raved about big portfolios, the bigger the better, to my degree where suddenly bigger than A3 was a no no. I guess it definitely depends on the work. And I must say, I like them compact! Mine is A4 which I think represents the way I work well. I want to work in editorial, publishing and fashion, so bigger than this isn't really necessary.

Anyway, I'm not really sure what the point of this blog post is (most probably my love of blogging & love of sharing everything..), but I've had a few University students and people who are interested in working as an illustrator contact me, so just wanted to share this advice; a good and well presented portfolio really can help! First impressions are crucial. Whenever I share my portfolio, I get really good feedback on the overall look. I think it looks professional too, so definitely worth an investment!

EDIT: some people have asked where I bought my portfolio from. I got mine from here. They were a great company to buy from, I would definitely recommend them!

I do love a good nosy at other people's portfolios, so if you have any images of yours, i would love to see! :) I'm going home for the weekend so I will probably post again on Sunday. I hope you have a lovely weekend and please let me know your thoughts in the meantime!


  1. beautiful illustrations! and congrats on winning in company competition... that's how I discovered you :)

  2. Hey, which portfolio is your one, off the website?

  3. Hi!

    This one is mine: then I bought Prat Polyester 908 Sleeves to go with it.

    Hope this helps :)

  4. Hi there, i was just wondering what the writing says on the bottom of each print?

  5. Hi! They just have a brief description about the illustration - what it was illustrated for and when.


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