Thursday, 28 April 2011

All things London

Yesterday, my mum and I went down to London to visit the V&A, meet up with my sister and do a little light shopping! :)

The main reason for the visit was to view Yohji Yamamoto's exhibition. I'm doing a little (I say little, it's my first proper commission and I couldn't be more excited!) illustration and it was so wonderful to be able to see the clothes up close for once. They were stunning and I love being able to see that incredible detail! I will tell you more about the commission soon! Here are some photos of the pieces I was allowed to photograph :)

Here is my mum - we were messing about in the V&A cafe! Also a photo of some of the incredible Lion King costumes!
Next week I will be starting to send out the Tea & Crayons' packages which are now being put together and addressed! Working with these girls and getting to know them so well has been one of the best things I have ever done. These girls are so supportive and have been a massive help throughout these last months!

One last thing! Tomorrow is the royal wedding and I am suddenly overcome with excitement about the wedding dress! I've heard many rumours on twitter that Sarah Burton, creative director at Alexander McQueen may have designed the dress! I hope this is true, that would be incredible! I'm sure whoever it's by, however, it will be amazing. I will leave you with this picture of my mum and dad on their wedding day.. ah, perfect!



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