Thursday, 7 April 2011

Working Practice

As part of my professional practice unit at uni, I have to show my working practice and discuss how I go about creating my illustrations. I have put together some stages for this so thought I'd show them here too! :) this illustration was for a competition to have your image accompany an article by Lady Gaga. I wanted to use a head-shot image and have her looking smart in her role as a writer.

To begin with I draw a simple outline picture, allowing me to see all parts of the illustration come together and imagine the final outcome. I find I work most comfortably using photographs, which I try to take myself where possible (obviously, with someone like Gaga this is unlikely!)
The next stage is adding in finer detail. I enjoy zooming in to put these details together. After some of the detail has been refined, I will wok out the background.
Once the background texture is in place I can add even more detail and bring in those highlights and whites of the eyes that I think bring my illustrations alive and make them what they are. I loved adding in the glasses detail here as it made the image a lot more powerful.
Colour experimentation. I decided with this illustration that I wanted to use more colour in the background. Usually I stay with my style of using neutral tomes and textural backgrounds. This time around I wanted to add more colour but continue using the textures.
After adding the colour, I placed the original textured background over the colours and was happy with this compromise between my usual style and trying to experiment! Also in this stage I added colour and texture (texture from a tweed jacket scan) to her jacket, as well as colouring of the lips.
Again, I tried something new with the cheeks. Rather than my usual subtle and tonal colouring, I choose to use obvious and bright colours. I'm really happy with how it's turned out! These are my two final illustrations. 

I hope you enjoyed this little run through! :)


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