Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Beauty shot fashion illustration - sneak peaks!

I'm working on some new ethical fashion illustrations at the moment, to be published in an ethical fashion book. Here are some progress shots I though I would share! :)

I'll keep you updated! :)

EDIT! More progress! 


  1. Amazing! what book is it for xx

  2. Thank you girls!

    It's a lady doing an MA in ethical fashion who is producing a book. I said I'd do them a while back, just doing about five :) the designers are great though, many are African and the colours/patterns are gorgeous! :) xx

  3. stunning Abby! you're super talented you are petal! xx

  4. Lovely! I also like how you post your step by step work in, really nice. Might do it myself a bit more! Gives a good insight into how you work. x x


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