Friday, 1 April 2011

The Lying Tongue - work in progress

Last week I was given an article titled The Lying Tongue to illustrate by my tutor Domanic Li. He removed the accompanying illustration so I wouldn't be influenced (I'm glad about this. Once I see the original illustration I always find it hard to find fresh ideas..) Here are so progress shots of my illustration so far. The story extract is very descriptive and sets beautiful scenes. The part I chose to illustrate read:

"Using a rickety set of stepladders that I had found in a cupboard in the kitchen, I climbed to the top of the windows, took hold of my cloth and cleaning spray and started to attack the grime. Although my cloth got darker and darker, nothing seemed to be coming off the the surface of the glass. But finally a small, coin-shaped pocket of light shone through the window, growing and growing until the glass had cleaned and I could see outside."

It goes on to describe a narrow stretch of water, a bridge and gondolas. Although it does not say, I assume it is set in Italy, most probably Venice, due to words, buildings and features described. At first I was going to illustrate the dirty window with the scene outside shown centrally. I have kept to this plan, but added in the cleaners hand cleaning the window to really illustrate the scene. Let me know what you think so far!

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