Friday, 7 October 2011


Hello everybody! I hope you are all well and looking forward to the weekend! (I'm hoping the weather is sunny, even if it is cold - I really don't like rain). Firstly, you may have noticed I've made some adjustments to the blog layout and colouring. Basically, I wanted it to work well with my website. I like to have everything working together with a consistency. I also think it's a lot cleaner and sharper looking (hopefully it reflects my work more too!)

You may remember me showing you the little packs of work I was sending out a few weeks ago. Well, I was sending them to magazines, companies and a few agents that I really wanted to work with. And I now have some exciting news to share (you may have already seen this over on twitter), I have just signed an agreement with one of these agents!! Yes, I'm very excited and need to keep pinching myself. It's something I've been aiming towards for some time and I've always felt that having an agent would be the best way for me to go. Negotiations, fees & contracts make me nervous and I have no idea how to tackle them.. this along with their impressive list of clients, promotional work and international work drew me to them instantly! I'll let you know who my new agent is once all contracts are signed at their side. I hoped that having a few commissions behind me would give me an advantage, but I think in my heart I didn't believe anyone would want to sign me yet. They've given me an amazing opportunity, boosted my confident and got me excited about the future. (They may have some work in the pipeline already - one of their clients has shown interest!) I hope this is the start of something amazing! 

Apparently it was the above piece that really drew them to me. It's one of my favourites too so I'm really glad they liked it!

 I'll leave you with a little piece (in very early stages) I started the other week. I need to do more work on it and will keep you posted! Have a great weekend!


  1. Exciting! pretty good going for a recent graduate!!!! xxx

  2. Well done......! So pleased for you Abby :-D You deserve it, your work is brilliant and you are lovely!

  3. So pleased for you Abby - well deserved x


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