Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Photos & old work!

I'm feeling quite nostalgic this evening. I've been looking through old family photographs and illustrations (from the second year of University, I believe). Just wanted to share some of them (I'm the smallest in every picture - ehe). I love old photographs. We didn't have a digital camera, so all these have been scanned in. I do love seeing them in an album though. I need to do this, it's too easy to view them on a computer. I like to feel them and love enjoying them with others - New Years Resolution perhaps!

 (And a nice recent one - me and all my siblings)

I also found these old illustrations tonight. Yes, they're not my best but this is why I wanted to share them. I was young, working on my technique and excited about experimenting. I like that I can see how my work has developed since this. 


  1. what lovely photos! and i think your collage with a bicycle is absolutely great! x

  2. Your sister Laura is very attractive!


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