Friday, 21 October 2011

Digital Arts Tutorial

Well, as promised, I have taken photographs of my tutorial for you to see! I've also taken a few of other images in the issue that grabbed my attention :)

Love this illustration by Minni Havas on the opening page! Also, nice to see Neil is still using my illustration of him for his editor's picture.

Contributor's page - Where do you draw the line?

Love this illustration by Rob Shields, another masterclass from this issue. His work is stunning and truly fascinating. It's great to read his tutorial.

I was commissioned to write a tutorial outlining the way I compose an illustration rather than the technical tools I use. I was asked to cover compositional elements, colour, placement of the character etc. Hopefully I achieved this and I hope their readers will enjoy reading about the decisions I make when putting together one of my illustrations - in the case one of the illustrations I produced for Company. You can buy yourself a copy in most newsagents (or WHSmiths!)


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