Friday, 14 October 2011

Book Case

I love our book case. The colours, the diversity, the amount of books and the inspiration. (We have no room for more, a problem that quickly needs addressing since I have my eyes on at least 3 books!) I've been looking at some of the books I got in Japan today, they're so beautiful. I feel very inspired! Just wanted to show you some photos!

Mat's books! I love how tidy they look, and the mix of black and colour. Ahh lovely.

You may already realise, but this shelf is also full of Mat's books. I love the variety we have!

One of my favourite and most inspirational books is Wall Paper. It has some beautiful designs, including the ones below.

The first is by Rachel Kelly. I love the use of colour - the subtle against the vibrant. It works so well and really drew me in.
This one is by Florence Manlik. I love the different tones and the extremely fine lines. So intricate and detailed.
I was drawn to this piece by Destroy Rockcity because of the colours (I love the limited palette) and the boldness.
 And here are a few books I am lusting after at the moment. As soon as I have more pennies, these will be mine, I promise.

Below are some of the pages from Print & Pattern 2. They look stunning, I can't wait to see the rest! Hurry up pay day!!

And I NEED this series of Penguin Cassics, illustrated by Coralie Bickford-Smith. I've had my eyes on them since I first saw them the year before last. My needs are getting greater. They are just stunning. Not only are the books themselves wonderful, but I think I'd feel so happy having these on my shelves and holding them in my hands. WISH LIST!


  1. Lovely blog post Abby :) I'm in love with all of the classics with their super pretty covers! The Japanese books are so cute! I love them! You've got such a gorgeous collection! My bookshelf deserves a mention but it's rather messy! xx

  2. Did I see the Big Book of Illustration Ideas in there? One of my personal favourites, there's such diversity in the illustrations! And I'm in agreement about the Penguin Classics - if I had the money I'd buy the full set!! x

  3. Lovely bookcase mine has load of book as well but is a bit messy at the moment. I got naive book and it's so inspirational :) Great post!

  4. Looking forward to seeing you bookshelf when it's tidied Natasha, hehe! :)

    Yes! It certainly is Abi, it's beautiful isn't it? I could loo through these books for hours, they make me want to try so many things! I'm going to try and buy one a month from here on.. :)

    Oh that's good, so you would recommend it then, Maria? Can't wait to get my hands it!

    :) thank you ladies! xx


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