Friday, 2 September 2011

Fashion Africa

 A few months ago, I was commissioned by Jacqueline Shaw (founder of Africa Fashion Guide) to produce illustrations for her soon to be launched book, Fashion Africa. The book, set to engage people, is filled with wonderful African Fashion Design and illustration alike. Definitely worth buying! 

I was so pleased to be asked to be involved, especially when the book has so many other wonderful illustrators. The designers I was asked to illustrate are incredible - bright, bold and exciting- and I hope my illustrations will do them justice. Made - beautiful fairtrade jewellery makers and Afro-Chique - beautiful bold designs created by Janice Morrison were the brands I was paired with. Do have a look at their work! The launch is happening on 9th September and should be wonderful! (the flyer features an illustration by the lovely Natsuki Otani).

Jacqueline said of the launch "It is an exciting event that will be a launch with a difference. Featuring a forum of professional speakers discussing the topic ethical fashion Africa and will do as I planned to do with the book and accompanying website - to engage people in this topic and create dialogue with industry professionals and stakeholders to source and produce more in Africa." I'm very proud to be involved!

You may have already seen some of my illustrations during my Degree Show posts - I am very proud of the work and cannot wait to see them in print. I hope you like them too! I also blogged about them during the illustration process. You can see them here, here and here! I know a few of my illustrator friends also have work in the book, and I think the whole book will be just wonderful, so if you are interested, please do buy a copy! Read Joana Faria's blog post about it here.

With this designer, Afro-Chique, I chose a fun and bold image to illustrate. I wanted to combine colour, texture and movement together in this image. I used a lot of negative space, allowing the viewer to imagine themselves wearing the clothing.

As with all my fashion illustrations, it was important that the design stood out from everything else, so I produced the images on very neutral backdrops. I'm really happy with the way they turned out and can't wait to see them in print amongst beautiful words, designs and other illustrations.


  1. I love the neutral backgrounds. Really lovely. x

  2. Oh, cool!!! Love, love, LOVE your illustrations (no surprise there. :)
    Thank you for the mention too!

  3. So very beautiful, Abby! I especially love the energy and movement aswell as colours of the first piece. GREAT!

  4. Thank you ladies!! :) I'm so happy you like them! x


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