Friday, 2 September 2011

High Street Edit: Out Now!!

In July, I entered Company's High Street Edit fashion illustration competition to be the sole illustrator for their next issue. I worked hard, made it to the final five but was not chosen as the winner. I was ecstatic when the beauty assistant contacted me and asked me to take part in a 'fragrance story' within the issue, and even further so when, on seeing my finished piece, I was contacted by the Art Director and asked if I would like to illustrate the whole issue after all!

I am so happy with the work I have produced and hope it will lead to some more exciting opportunities. Seeing the issue this morning was one of my proudest moments and tomorrow I will share the illustrations with you! I hope you get a chance to see it for yourself - I think they look best in print.


  1. well done sweetie you work so hard you should be proud of yourself :) :) xxxxxx

  2. Oh wow, that is really fantastic! Big congratulations, and very well deserved too. I'll definitely be buying a copy!

    Emily x

  3. Congratulaions, Abby!!! So well deserved! Keep up the good work and all the best! x

  4. Well done Abby! You've got so much talent and I'm sure this will open many doors for you :)


  5. Thank you everyone, your kind words mean a lot :) xx


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