Thursday, 17 March 2011

Typography and Food Illustration

Typography and food illustration are two areas that have always been of interest to me. I have already explored food illustrations briefly and would like to have a go at typography and using more text in my illustrations now. I've started by doing a little research into artists and illustrators who do inspire me. I decided to share these with my lovely followers and I hope you will enjoy this post and these illustrators as much as I have! :)


Both illustrations by Christopher Tarampi aka Esthetic Core. I love the diversity in his illustrations and that he is able to adapt his style for different clients.

I love these imaginative typography illustrations by Chris Ward. As well as the typography, I also like the use of negative space in his illustrations.

I think it is the colours and clever use of the typography in Nick Schmitz's work that draws me to it. Very happy to have discovered his work!

Pascal Champagne uses a lot of colour and texture in his poster and typography designs. I really love the way they look.

These illustrations by Sarah A. King are stunning. I love how she incorporates the text to make it a part of the illustration. I think this clever use of text shows how versatile type can be. I love it!

These images are illustrated by Selim Ekmen. These pieces are really graphic and that is what draws me to them. I also like the fact they are full of colour, but more muted tones.

Recipe Illustrations

I love the colour and simplicity of Claudia Pearson's recipe and food illustrations. The use of colour in the season's illustrations are particularly beautiful. They really stand out.

These recipe illustrations are from Tea & Crayons' Rachel Lewis. I absolutely love the use of mixed media, colour, text and hand drawn elements. I think these illustrations really stand out and would look beautiful in a recipe book!

I really love the text in this illustration by Eulalia Mejia. The use of colour really makes the food stand out too.

The hope you like these as much as I do!


  1. Hi Abby,

    What a lovely (and inspirational) collection of illustrations - really enjoyed looking through them. Been checking out your portfolio, too. Great stuff!


  2. Awww Abby so nice of you to feature my work alongside these amazing people! I love Sarah King - she must have the patience of a saint. I have to admit, I'm really interested in the relationship between image and text, and text as image too, I think it's something really worth exploring more!

    Rach xx


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