Saturday, 19 March 2011

Digital Arts

I have some exciting news for you this evening!

My work can be found in the showcase section of the latest edition of Digital Art Magazine and I am so proud to see my interview and work in print in the beautiful magazine. Get yourself a copy if you can, the cover feels amazing, it is full of great artists, tutorials and much more! I met the editor and art editor whilst at the launch of Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration. They were lovely and I'm very thankful to them for this opportunity! 

Here are my illustrations of Neil Bennett (editor) and Johann Chan (art editor) from the launch of ACOFI.


  1. Well done abby great stuff ill have to try getting the magazine if i can scrap some pennies from my budget haha, nether the less great stuff.

  2. This is awesome - very well done. This is such a great achievement.

  3. Congatulations Abby! This is amazing news! x

  4. Oh this is super, well done! Next time I'm in college library (they have massive collections of dig arts) I'm going to shout I know her! I know her!! :)


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