Thursday, 10 March 2011

Loo-urve - Part Three!

Just wanted to update you again with my progress in the ladies toilets at Lamp. It's been so fun, I'll miss it! I'm continuing on Tuesday as I have a big mission tomorrow (I shall explain all in a moment).

Tomorrow, me and my lovely friend (also ex housemate) Suzie are taking part in Jailbreak, an exciting challenge organised through uni to get as far away as possible in 30 hours without spending a penny. It's all in for KidCans, a children's cancer charity so I feel very proud to be taking part. We're aiming big and hope to get somewhere wonderful. We are set free tomorrow at 4pm, and dressed as bunnies (cute, not naughty-it's cold!) we're heading straight for an airport! 

Please wish us luck and if you would like to sponsor me click here! Take care everyone! :)


  1. The drawings look great! Good luck for tomorrow :) xx

  2. Ciao Abby! It's TJ from Twitter.

    Loove the way the walls turned out :D! Hope all went well with your big mission!



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