Monday, 28 February 2011

British University Artists

I joined up to the British University Artists website a while ago and they have recently set up a Featured Artists section. This week I am one of the five artists on this week's featured section. I feel very honoured. Take a look here!

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Over at Tea & Crayons were are working hard on our promotion material! With our postcards looking fantastic, individual tea sachets on the way and badges and stickers being ordered, these little packages are going to be something special!


We are currently exploring different ways of presenting our packages! We will keep you posted on the blog! :)


  1. Nice stuff, i was thinking the last image, the actual image could be the package where it could be like a thin box cover best way to think of it is image those cardboard disc little packages, well you could have her fringe as a little flap and then inside could be postcard size images kept neatly in there. if you don't understand what i mean then just give me a message i will try explaining a bit better :)

  2. Really nice, i like the rope idea x

  3. those postcards look so cute!



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