Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My lovely boyfriend

I've been with my boyfriend for over four and a half years now, and not only I am completely in love with him, he is my best friend. 

I love living with him, loving going away with him, and really really love drawing him! He has lovely eyes, I want to draw him again.. ha :) I just thought I'd share some of the drawing I've illustrated of him over the years, starting with the earliest. It just shows how my drawing has improved too I think :)

University - first year

University - second year

Summer between second and third year

University - beginning of third year
 I hope you enjoyed my little visual journey over the years of drawing my boyfriend, Mat. Maybe soon I will draw another so you can see what I'd achieve now! :)


  1. Lovely! You really see the progress you've made. Great job!

  2. Love this post, and yes it really shows how your style has progressed! I'm honered you did the third one for my 'I saw you' project and I'm so glad you did as thats how we made friends.

    So the 'marry me' one? Are you engaged? xx

  3. Thank you! It's nice looking back and realising how you've improved :)

    I'm so glad too Fritha! I was thinking about that the other day, that I didn't really know you until then :) thank you Kayleigh for entering lol :)

    Ahh that was a brief for 'conversations i've never had' ;) i don't think i'd take him seriously if he actually asked, he asks me so often in a jokey cute way lol :) xx

  4. These are just lovely - I love how your style has developed over time. They are just adorable too!


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