Thursday, 20 January 2011

Pretty Rubbish and Fifi Bijoux

Last week I produced an illustration to accompany an Amelia's Magazine article on wonderful recycling fashion duo, Pretty Rubbish. I really enjoyed this illustration and the clothes were just stunning, so it was a joy to do. You can read Hel Martin's fantastic write up here. The love Tea & Crayons member Fritha Strickland also has illustrations in this article. Read about both our pieces here!

I am really proud of this piece, I used some of the printing work I produced last week in my piece. I also loved working with an unusual perspective and bringing in text. I recently received a present with a wonderful label written on a typewriter, I loved it and thought this type of writing would compliment my work. The traditional and almost vintage feel of it works well I feel. Obviously until I can afford a typewriter, a font will have to do for now!

Secondly, the illustration I produced to be featured in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration has been used on Amelia's Magazine to accompany a preview of the interview with ethical jewellery designer Fifi Bijoux which is also in the book. You can take a look at the sneak preview here.This is one of my personal favourites of the illustrations I have produced, I am very proud of it (not in a showing off way though!)

I hope you enjoy both illustrations and both articles! I'm going to be writing a Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration inspired inspiration post soon! :)


  1. Ah i spy the bubble wrap print, I love it!!! I spotted it in Amelias this morning lovely illo for Pretty Rubbish, really stands out :)

  2. Lovely! I love the colours in the first one, and the details in the second! Perfect!

  3. Amazing. I really love your unique style. I'm going to have a proper look through your blog now!


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