Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Contemporary Floral in Process

Hello! I just wanted to share my working process with my most recent piece! Hopefully you'll find it an interesting post :)

 After my initial drawing of the flower I changed the colour of the line so it would work within the colour palette.

I chose the colour of the flower, then placed a texture over the top (partly because of my love for textures) to bring the line work alive more.

I experimented with the different colours from the palette I chose. I felt that the brown worked nicely with the turquoise green.

Next I added subtle highlights to the image.

I added a darker colour to the stamen (little stems lets say) then gave them a slight pattern. In the picture below I added in the pink from the palette selection to the anther (ooh technical!) at the ends of the stems.

 Finally I added in the large stem in the light pink from anther. I like the way the freshness and quickness of the line works well opposite the carefully constructed flower.

I'm working on some more flowers like these at the moment, so stay tuned! :)


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