Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A Post Filled with inspiration.

In this post, I want to show you those illustrators who inspire me. They happen to be very lovely too!
 There are many though, so I will do another post with more next week! (Or this week if I get bored having finished all my work for assessment!) I hope you enjoy and don't find it too long! :) I think other illustrator's are so important, i do love twitter!

Fritha Strickland's work always makes me smile. It is heart-warming, cute, bright and playful. I find the freshness and use of text so exciting! It makes me happy whatever my mood previously!

Both illustrations feature in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration. This one shows clothing designs by Izzy Lane.

Yelena Bryksenkova's illustrations are truly stunning. If the texture of her materials weren't great enough, she has a beautiful painting technique and the way she brings through pattern is incredible. The sweetness of her models is also a great feature of her work.

Ismay Ozga-Lawn has such a delicate and beautiful style of drawing that really draws me in. I love her use of soft colour and the subtle backgrounds. Beautiful!

Natasha Thompson's work is intricate, sweet and delicate. It makes me feel happy, calm and warm. I love the touches of her personality she adds to every illustration. Her drawing style is perfect.

My next illustrator is Hazel Castle. I love her soft drawing, intricate print work and the detail that goes into her illustrations. Her use of colour is so delicate and beautiful.

The detail in Rachel Lewis' illustrations is impeccable. She combines beautiful colour, drawing, collage and text into her images and it works wonderfully!

Illustration of Oria jewellery, featured in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

Emma Block has a very sweet illustration style. Her work is so tenderly constructed from drawing and collage to create really beautiful images. She uses such complimentary colours and her work has a lovely vintage quality.

I love Sandra Dieckmann's unusual illustration style. She combines textures and colour as well as intricate drawing to make her images come alive. She has a great eye for detail and colour which makes her illustrations stand out so beautifully.

Niki Pilkington's use of traditional drawing methods and contrast between soft and dark lines makes her illustrations so striking. The use of interesting perspectives are what I really love about her drawings, this along with how intricate they are.

Kayleigh Bluck uses colour beautifully in her illustrations which is something I really love about her work. She isn't afraid to experiment either, which is something I really admire about her. Her work is always fresh and exciting.

I love Dee Andrew's contrast of delicate and quick line work. Her watercolour illustrations are always beautifully painted and shows her talent. She has a fabulous leg drawing ability and i always love the movement in her illustrations. I also love her use of colour.

Jenny Lloyd uses colour so strikingly in her illustrations and it is something I really admire. It really makes her images stand out. Her work is so intricate and she has an eye for detail. Her passion certainly comes across in her illustrations.

I love how Avril Kelly is not afraid to use colour! Much like her personality, her illustrations are bright, exciting and intriguing. She's very experimental in her work which I find wonderful. She combines texture, colour and drawing so well. I particularly love the man with the birds, it's so full and eye catching!

I love the beautiful details that go into Rachel Price's work. She always makes her images aesthetically interesting too, be it through composition, backgrounds or negative space. I love her delicate inclusion of colour.

Both illustrations show Christopher Raeburn collections, as seen in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion illustration.

Lesley Barnes' use of colour never fails to impress me. She combines these bright, exciting colours with sharp blacks to make images that really stand out. I love the use of movement in her work too, her illustrations always stand out.

Illustration showing Oria jewellery. Both illustrations feature in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

Last but certainly not least is Faye West. Her work is soft and delicate yet full of detail. She has a wonderful use of colour in her work. Her use of details and shading is fantastic. She often produces patterns form her illustrations which are so striking and fabulous!

Wow, that took a while! I hope you enjoyed looking through these lovely illustrator's work. Please do visit their blogs and website to see more! I'm always so inspired by those working around me and I love the range in types of illustration in those I have met through twitter. I will be doing another post like this soon, so stay tuned! I want to look a little away from illustration (but also more illustration) too, into designers, and those working in textiles next time!


  1. Aw you're such a sweetheart! Thanks for the lovely mention and for introducing me to the work of some other illustrators I've not yet seen before. Wonderful!! x

  2. A lovely collection showcasing some amazingly talented people. My twitter following list just got longer ^_^ x

  3. Thankyou so much for the mention in this post, it's made my wednesday morning!
    All the other illustrators on this post are wonderful, thanks for introducing me to a few I hadn't seen before! x

  4. thanks for the mention...your blog is a great source of inspiration for me too!

  5. Amazing work, I love that each artist has their own distinctive style. Great post!

  6. Thank you everyone, and it is my pleasure! Your work makes me happy :) glad you've all found some new inspiration too! :)

  7. great illustrators! I think I have to agree on each and every one! including you :)

  8. Thanks so much Abby!! So nice of you :) And so amazing to be alongside so many other talented illusrators! xxx

  9. what a great post!! love the illustrators. love illustrators in general!

  10. great collection of illustrators! I'm feeling very inspired!

  11. such a wonderful selection of illustration goodness! I may just look at it all day


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