Friday, 21 January 2011

Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration - Inspiration Illustrators

So, after my super long inspirational illustrators lists the other day, I decided to write one dedicated to Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration. The book is simply bursting with wonderful illustrators who will surely inspire you, and if not for a love of ethical fashion or design, then this alone is a great reason to purchase the book!

The book is bright, bold and exciting. I, personally, cannot stop looking through it! It's wonderful learning about the designers and their processes and the illustrators and the way they work. Everyone has a different way of working and it's great to see. Not only this, but the feel, smell, size and quality of the book make it so beautiful.

Natsuki Otani has such a bold and colourful style that I truly admire. Her illustrations jump from the page and grab the viewers attention instantly. You cannot miss her work when flicking through the book!

I love Erica Sharp's illustrations. I find her combination of Japanese paper cutting with subtle and beautiful drawings. She has a wonderful eye for colour as well.

I love Jennifer Costello's use of subtle colours and delicate drawings. Her work is so rich and beautiful. I also love her ability to include exciting and full backgrounds.

Naomi Law has such a unique and beautiful style. I love the combination of different styles she carefully puts together and the quality of the background work. I particularly love these images, highlighting only the eyes in the model's faces.

Krister Selin has a very exquisite illustrative style. The colours are rich, the details are intricate and he manages to incorporate the foreground and background together brilliantly.

 I love Zarina Liew's individual and beautiful style. She uses colour and movement to really bring her illustrations alive. She uses added elements in her illustrations that I think makes her work really exciting!

My next illustrator, Gemma Milly, wonderfully combines a delicate drawing style with beautiful colour and carefully added details and texture. The movement of her models definitely stands out in her work.

I love Abigail Daker's illustrations and the use of shapes and structure in her work makes her pages really stand out in the book. I like how the model is always very central and important in her illustrations.

I adore Jo Cheung's work. I love how she includes shapes, pattern and flowers in the backgrounds of her illustrations, they really finish off her drawings beautifully. She also combines a great use of colour and details.

 I find Lisa Stannard's illustrations so unique and wonderful. Her lively use of lines really makes her work stand out and brings the illustrations to life. She isn't afraid to be experimental which I really admire.

Rachel de Ste. Croix has an illustrations style that is fun and lively. I love her beautiful and experimental backgrounds set against her detailed line work.

I hope you enjoyed my round up of some of the wonderful illustrators seen in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration. There are so many more though, so you really should go and buy it and see for yourself!

Finally, these are two of my favourite illustrations from the book. The first of Goodone by Natasha Thompson and the second of Gossypium by Faye West.

Abby x


  1. Great post abby thanks for these inspiration posts great stuff :)

  2. Oooh, I agree- Natasha Thompson and Faye West are my favorites from the bunch:) They all have something gorgeous to offer though. Your illos are great too Abby!


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