Friday, 19 November 2010


Since I have no new work to share just yet (there are a couple that I will post when they go live!), I've decided to have a post of inspirational illustrators I've recently discovered. I will be doing a few of these posts from now on - I find this is a great place to share my thoughts with others. (It's also good to be able to get my thoughts written down!)

The first illustrator is Sandra Suy. She studied fashion design, but because drawing was her biggest love, she decided to combine both and become a fashion illustrator.

I love the dark pink against the dull tones in the rest of the image!
The tonal difference between the black charcoal-like hair and the light, delicate top is striking!
I really like the detail across the eye in this piece!
The lips in this piece really stand out, as does the texture of the clothing.

One thing I particularly like about her work is the fact she works predominantly with line, then adds in subtle colour and hints of light and dark. I like the fact she doesn't work on white paper, but toned paper. The subtle tones work perfectly against the dark line work in her models' faces.

The next illustrator I'm going to show you is Hannah Muller.

I love the subtle colour touches- the lips and the cheeks! ♥

Again, the lovely detail on the cheeks is divine. The clothing textures are great too.

What I really love about this image are the people- so beautifully depicted. The shade versus light is fantastic.

Hannah's work is so delicate and beautiful. From the fantastic detail in the ladies' faces to the subtle addition of colour, shadow and light is all so perfect. Very inspiring stuff!

Next up is Kelly Smith, an Australian illustrator who studied fine art, but now concentrates on fashion and portrait illustration.

I completely love the fantastic flashes of red in this piece, it really brings the work alive! This, along with the very black and very white is perfect.
The colour along with the grey tones works well.
I love the striking black against the subtle tonal work.
 I certainly love Kelly Smith's work. She combines beautiful and detailed pencil drawings with injections of colour and striking light and dark elements. I love the addition of animals too, looks fab!

Finally is Cedric Rivrain, French fashion illustrator with a fantastic style.

I love the drama of this piece! The yellow injected into it is fantastic!

I like the study of the face here, and the great detail of her attire.

I like that this piece is predominantly grey-scale,  with some really fine colour details!

I like that he has variety in his work. And the use of colour is really fabulous- he incorporates the background into the foreground and I think this works wonderfully!

Well, that's the first four illustrators that have really stood out to me this week. They're fabulous and so inspiring, I hope you will agree! I will be showing more of the people and places that inspire me here on my blog, as it's nice to share with you all!

Have a nice weekend! :)


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