Thursday, 25 November 2010

David Downton/Vogue

So, my dissertation is focusing on Vogue, discussing illustration and photography. I knew David Downton, as one of my favourite illustrators, would be great to look at in this case. I knew he had done work for Vogue China and some for British Vogue.

When I discovered the covers he did for Vogue Australia I was in love. For Vogue Australia's 50th anniversary, the magazine celebrated with a commemorative issue, illustrated by David Downton. He designed four different covers, featuring Cate Blanchett, in vintage styles linking back to the days before photography.

Take a look, they're beautiful!

My next mission- get hold of one of these!! They were limited edition, but fingers crossed. I think it's vital for my dissertation!

While i'm here, take a look at some of his Vogue China work!

I really do love his work!


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