Sunday, 14 November 2010

Exhibition Fudraising

Hello! At uni we're working hard trying to organise fund-raising ideas for our final exhibitions! We plan to run fund-raising nights; selling t-shirts, prints, merchandise and maybe even including some live painting.

One idea we have is to make an illustrated calender with work from each of us (there's only 13 in our year- and one person is tackling the text!) It was decided that each of us should have a colour (the work would be black and white but contain a given colour). My colour is yellow, and despite moaning about it at first, i'm very happy with it!

I decided to re-vamp a previous illustration of mine (it's one of my favourite pieces, so seemed a good choice!). It isn't finished yet, but here it is so far!

I'll share the finished piece later today hopefully! :)

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