Thursday, 21 June 2012

Megan Claire

I really do love twitter. It's helped me grow in confidence, brought in illustration jobs, given me encouragement when I have felt unsure about myself and given me such great company. They say the people you know on twitter are the people you want to and should know in 'real life' and I absolutely believe this. So many people I consider friends and I love it. 

One person I came to know through twitter was Megan Claire. Not only is she funny, supportive and lovely, she is also very talented and I'm proud to know her. She's only been working for herself for six months, as a greetings card company, but it's astonishing to see what she has achieved in this time.

Her dedication, determination and passion make her a very inspiring person to communicate with. In fact, she inspires me daily. She makes me strive for more and i feel more determined than ever to succeed and make a career out of illustration, the thing I love so much. Drawing means a lot to me and I want to do this for the rest of my life - learning, experimenting and pushing myself along the way. I'm more excited for the future now than ever before, with a little fear keeping my feet on the ground. Thank you Megan, I'm so pleased to have 'met' you.

Now to show you some of the greetings cards. They sell distinctive, contemporary and personalised cards, made to the highest quality and from recycled stock. I have purchased a couple myself and they are just as bright and beautiful as shown. I love the wide range of styles she produces and here are just a few of my favourites. You can see at the bottom that she also offers personalised prints. So go and buy, you will not be disappointed!

Just before I leave, I want to tell you about my giveaway! Fritha, of Tigerlilly Quinn (of which I am a sponsor), is hosting a giveaway for me. To celebrate the opening of my shop, I am offering the winner either a print or 40% a custom commission!! I hope this sounds exciting! If so, please pop over and enter the competition. Any tweets about it would be greatly appreciated also :) (some examples of the things you could possibly win below)

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