Thursday, 21 October 2010


Hello! I haven't been able to post for a while- i've been super busy and stressed! I've almost finished my five illustrations for a super exciting project I will tell you about soon! 

I'm participating in two calenders this year- one is for fundraising at uni. We're raising money so we can go to the big D&AD exhibition next year! The second is an online project I am taking part in, and can't wait to share the final thing! I have to use print making as a technique, so i'm using screen printing for the first time! I can't wait :)

I've just finished another piece for Amelia's Magazine that I will share once it's up! I'm going to be doing some editorial stuff as part of uni which i'm excited about.

Oooh and I reached my 50 followers!! Here is how I drew the winner and runner up.. :)

I like using traditional methods ;) Karina was my winner and Danielle my runner up! Danielle has hers, but Karina is in Russia, but it's on it's way! Exciting stuff!

I'm doing another illustration swap and can't wait! I have another exciting group project on the way too.. stay tuned! :)

Oh and A few months back I entered my work to Hello You Creatives. The paper has been sent to industry people which is exciting! I found this image of the paper thanks to the lovely Fritha Strickland. She posted about finding pictures of her work in the paper, so i had a look and found mine! A online version is coming soon I believe! :)

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  1. Oh so sweet!
    That's how it happend! hah
    1. Still can't believe it. And yes - Russia is waiting :D
    2. Love your teapot!
    3. The paper is amazing (I mean your artwork there).
    4. Good luck in all your participation!


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