Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Business Cards!

I decided to get some business cards made at moo! I've seen other illustrator's and they're so effective! I know I would certainly pick up bright, colourful and exciting cards when at events etc, so wanted to get a few made to see how my work would look! (I also plan to send some to be given out at events!)

I'm so happy with how theylook! They're super thick and great quality too! :)


  1. wow they look fantastic, i love how you have so many different images.

  2. I read about Moo the other day so its good to read that the quality is as good as they claim. I think I'm going to go for some mini cards and stickers.


  3. I'm so pleased with them- you can chose as many images as you want!

    I'm thinking about getting some mini cards and postcards next! They're such good prices too, i'd definitely recommend! :) x


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