Thursday, 7 October 2010



I've been so so happy with the amount of followers i'm getting on here and twitter! It's amazing thinking that all these people like my work!
So I've decided to do a giveaway when I reach 400 followers on twitter! I'll put the names into a hat (or maybe something more technical!) and the winner will get a print of their choice and a couple of little lovely extras!

I want to give my lovely blog followers an extra chance to win something too (because 400 is a lot!)!! So, when I reach the exciting 50 followers on here (not too far!) I will pick a winner! Just follow and leave a comment saying which of my pieces of work is your favourite and if you win it's yours!! There will be a runner up too! (Leave your name and email too!)



  1. Hello Abby! I love your illos so much.. especially this one :)

  2. In love with all of the vogue illustrations as well as the windows and doors. So much talent! ;)

  3. Love the new illos :)
    think might favourite is one of these two: or
    sorry I couldn't decide which one I like the most! :)

    and i'm Danielle haha, and my email is :)

  4. Hey Abby....

    Ada Zandition Three is my favourite ;)

    My email is


  5. i love love love Ada Zandition (as well as the print i bought hehe) six more to go! xoxo

  6. Hey Abby! This is one of your illos that I really love it's so pretty! You have lots of talent! x x x My email is

  7. Please enter me Abby :)
    Also, as you won one of my blog giveaways I think it's only polite that you return the favour... ;-) haha
    No but seriously, I hope I win!

    My fave piece is this one or


  8. Ooh, so many gorgeous things to choose from. I love buttons so I'm drawn towards your fabric collages, but if I had to choose 1 single illustration I think I'd go for the red fish.

    My Email (if I happened to be so lucky) is

  9. Oh wow, what an amazing opportunity to get my favorite girl in red jacket with red lips!
    Agree with others, there are so many gorgeous artworks...but this girl...She conquered me!

    :) Hah, I hope I win too!

    My e-mail is

  10. Hope I'm not too late!
    I really like this -


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