Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Keeping Busy...

Hello everybody! I'm really busy at the moment - mostly with some lovely custom portrait illustrations. I can't wait to share them once I've finished. In case you are curious about commissioning your own custom illustration, you can purchase one here! As well as the illustrating, I've been attending interviews (I will soon be starting a part time job at Paperchase - perfect!) and have started working for Megan Claire. You can see my previous post about their wonderful work here. I'll be helping out in the busy run up to Christmas. Things are going very well work wise! I feel very lucky.

 As well as this, I've always got time for a little photography! And Instagram is making me want to take more and more. I've been taking pictures of things that inspire me and make me happy. Quite simple really.

As you can see, this week, I've been posting a lot of books. Books I love, covers that I love and pictures of my shelves. I'm enjoying myself if nothing else! And to finish, a picture of me & Mat. Because, well, he makes everyday brilliant.

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  1. Nice collection of illustration books in your shelf, mmm...


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