Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Inspiring Artist: Kirsten Jones

When I first moved away from home, I was delighted to discover there was an incredible artist, Kirsten Jones, living in the same building as me. I often see her work in the communal areas and it is stunning. I thought I would share it with you! I love the colours, fine detail, movement and the found elements in her artwork. I also like the sense of fun she brings to some of her images.

Her website reads:

'Each piece has a subtle narrative, which she creates by collaging vintage envelopes, stamps, dictionary text and maps.  These clues evoke of the places objects were found or bought. Once the collage stage is complete, Kirsten paints over the richly layered surface using gesso, inks and washes of acrylic paint.'

Do go and find out more about her and her wonderful collection of work, there is so much more to see! I hope you are as inspired as I am.


  1. Her work is stunning, very inspiring thanks for sharing!

  2. Really lovely artist Abby! I feel happy and calm and summery looking at her work, such beautiful pieces <3 xx

  3. So beautiful - I happen to have just bought 2 of these (the eggs and the lobster ones) as cards from the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle x

  4. Her work is stunning! I love the subtle patterns that flow through them. I jealous that you get to live so close to her!

  5. nice. xx

    p.s. I'm having a shoe giveaway if you'd like to check it out. :)


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