Friday, 13 January 2012

What Is Love?

This morning I found that Tigerprint had a competition ending today. I decided the subject, "what Is Love?' was too good to pass up so got working on it this morning. I love illustrating love, it's a beautiful and strong subject and with everybody being so different, there is a lot of scope.

I had actually started some personal work a few days ago and they seemed like the perfect start. Flowers have very strong connotations with love, so it was perfect! Basically my thoughts were to produce a number of different phrase and colour combinations, writing some of the things love means to me, and hopefully means to others! (I produced the blue and green for those who don't like pink - but I think it worked just as effectively!)

The first two are the drawings I had already done followed by my five entries. I hope you (and they!) like them.

And my entries..

Wish me look!

EDIT: The LOVE part is my own text, the other is a commercial use text I found. With more time I would have attempted it all by hand. Maybe next time, I'd love to play with text more!


  1. lovely colours. Very nice :-). I love these framed on my wall. Is the type hand drawn?

  2. Thank you! The love part is, but the rest is sourced. I want to do more like this, with my own text! :)

  3. It is beautiful!!! They would be silly to not to choose you!!


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